Letra de Aca entre nos ( ingles)

Vicente Fernandez

Letra de Aca entre nos ( ingles) de Vicente Fernandez
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( Vicente Fernandez )

To be conceited to my friendly I told them that in the love no pain annihilates to me that to try to them your kisses it forgets to me and they were enough to me drinks of tequila them platique that me encontre with another love and that in its arms I was leaving of quererte that I detest to you from the day of your treason and that are moments that I have wished until your death. here between us I want that you know the truth I have not stopped to you adoring back in my sad solitude they have given desire me to shout to leave running and to ask that it is what has been of your life here between us simpre I go to you to you remember and today that side no longer you are it is not but that to confess that no longer I can support that I am hating without hating so that breathing by the wound