Letra de Watchdogs


Letra de Watchdogs de Ub40
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Letra de WATCHDOGS de UB40.

( UB40 )

You try to close your ears
and you try to close your eyes
but the blasphemies keep coming
tempting you lies

Give thanks for you protection
your watchdogs of the night
who hold the hungry wolves at bay
and keep them out of sight, out of sight

You just don`t understand it
but it strikes a distant chord
so you look for away of escaping
and sanity`s restored

Give thanks for your protection
your .......

You focus your direction
cloak tightly pulled around
but somewhere in the distance
you can hear a haunting sound

Give thanks for your protection
your .......

You`re in danger of corruption
and you`re always running scaerd
you cannot make decisions
you`re completely unprepared

Give thanks for your protection
your .......