Letra de Walked in the rain


Letra de Walked in the rain de Ub40
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Letra de WALKED IN THE RAIN de UB40.

( UB40 )

I've been away
high on a breeze
tasted the salt of the seven blue seas
washed upon shores
sun in my eyes
stayed long enough just to say my goodbyes...
I walked in the rain
wet me through and through
following rainbows that lead me back to you
i've always believed
in what i've been told
where rainbows end there's a pot of gold...
I'll read the stars
talk to the moon
stop when i hear somebody playing our tune
any excuse
and you'll see me
drifting back home to the place i should be...
Some people say
listen to me
mostly i find that i disagree
they tell me to change
set myself free
i'm not convinced i don't want to be me
Maybe i'll stay
maybe i'll go
maybe i'll stick around i don't know
one thing for sure
this i can say
i'm coming back; i've been so far away