Letra de Seasons


Letra de Seasons de Ub40
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Letra de SEASONS de UB40.

( UB40 )

Like the seasons you change your mind
it seems like loving you is a crime.

i remember those days
oh, so long ago
like the first time i took you
to a picture show
or the first time i kissed you
beneath the moonlit sky
i put my hand on my heart
i thought i`d die
like the seasons, etc ...

Yes, you were for me
it was plain to see
i knew in my heart

You were the one for me
though people used to try
to get us down
as time goes on
we`re still around
like the seasons, etc...

We had our share
of ups and downs
we had our share
of nights on the town
the days were short
but the nights were long
my love for you
it grew so strong
like the seasons, etc ...

But as we grew old
your love turned cold
gone are the days
of glitter and gold
i work so hard
to keep you mine
now all i have is
nothing but time

Like the seasons, etc ...