Letra de Rudie


Letra de Rudie de Ub40
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Letra de RUDIE de UB40.

( UB40 )

Hold it down rudie enough is enough
kill it with kindness, kill it with love
no more deceiving; so throw off the gloves
kill them with kindness kill them with love.
Fill them with feeling straight from the heart
dealing with healing will set you apart
respecting their meaning; releasing the dove
will chill them with kindness; instil them with love
Don't lose it rudie get high on the buzz
remember how kindness, could fill you with love
the sun could be shining with blue skies above.
in love with the kindness, so kind of in love.
Believing in nothing is hard to believe
discovering something is hard to achieve
a change must be coming the times right because
we're in need of some kindness and needing some love