Letra de Look at me


Letra de Look at me de Ub40
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Letra de LOOK AT ME de UB40.

( UB40 )

Blame it all on me, you did nothing wrong
I was running free but it took so long
So long in fact that I
Can´t remember why
I couldn´t say goodbye

Look at me, don´t give up yet
What you see is what you get
Things just like they used to be
I´ve been missing you and me

If you ask yourself, did I think of you
Oh so many times if you only knew
Knew how you made me feel
In dreams your kiss i´d steal
When nothing else was real

Far away from home everythings so clear
When you´re all alone; no one else can hear
The loudest lonliness
Therefore I must confess
I´m full of emptiness

Full up on nothing I can call my own
I´ll tell you something if only I had known
The end of every day
No matter what you say
Some how you always pay