Letra de Not getting your name

Tyler Hilton

Letra de Not getting your name de Tyler Hilton
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( Tyler Hilton )

Hello Miss... I'm sorry I didn't catch the rest
When it comes to women, baby, you know I'm not the best
Everyone I see makes it matter less anymore
Then again I've never felt this way before

And girl I don't know you so I walked away
Just goes to show you I should have got a name
To go with a face that I'll never forget
Deep in my heart I'll always regret
Not getting your name [4x]

Well I tried to be cool but your smile took me out
I tried to be slick but I was just a fool standin around
I hope this is the first song that your heart has ever really heard
Cause I wrote the music, baby you wrote the words

I shouldn't have let ya' if I hadn't of met ya'
Do this on the day I'm leaving
But now that you got me your everything baby
I haven't stopped believing, no no
Not getting your name [4x]

I'm looking for forever always
In the sky and on the bi-ways
I don't care how I look to the rest

I'll walk away and pretend my thoughts are over
Man, what would it be like if I was some kind of Casanova
Romeo even knew he had the touch
I'm no star crossed lover, baby just plain in love

And baby it's true that it could be you
I'm thinking about while I'm singing
And if you can help being all by yourself
Make my phone start ringing
Not getting your name...................
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