Letra de Spin the bottle


Letra de Spin the bottle de Twiztid
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( Twiztid )

Featuring insane clown posse

(jamie maddrox)
Man fuck that shit man

Fuck that

(jamie maddrox)
Whats up with this bitch?
She better come suck my dick or something


(chorus) 1x
Whos going up?
I'm dying to see
Spin the bottle baby
And give it to me

(monoxide child)
Its paulie baby paulie
The nipple licking love
Sporting cowboy boots and a florescent glove
I lassoed you up, and then i jumped on your back
I needs no saddle, i just sit on my nut sack

(chorus) 1x

Its stretch nuts up the back and i'm going get this ho
Bottle still spining and my sack about to blow
Up in my pencil chipping, chick stop the fronting
Lets forget the game and get down to humping

(chorus) 1x

(jamie maddrox)
Its me, jamie madd, ????
I touch and tap and tickle you, till you melt like ice cream
I know you want my bod, and fat kids are so sexy
Take off all your clothes and come over here next to me biatch

(chorus) 1x

(violent j)
Its violent j baby, the wizard of the street
Sporting your panties, just to show you i'ma freak
I'll slide in your bed, for i got a surprise
You got clown makeup smeared on your inner thighs

Give it to me 8x

(jamie maddrox)
Man, who the bottle pointing on?


(jamie maddrox)
Somebody better suck on my dick in this motherfucker, i ain't playing no more

(chorus) 1x

(monoxide child)
You can call me the plumber, cuz i snake your drain
But buttermilk lovenugget, that be the name
I swings to the left, cuz i'm swift with my meat
And i tickle, twisty, nippy nipples off....damn

(chorus) 1x

Spin number 2, and my chances looking good
Already hit one neden, now i'm going for her friend
It don't make a difference, i really don't care
Besides all this shit, aslong as she gots neden hair

(chorus) 1x

(jamie maddrox)
All i heard was bang bang bang, no i ain't tripping
Pink front so whack, that my bang is slipping
Blood quicker than the path my eyes, she replied
I could get better traction, if i hit it from the side
Now baby...bitch, lemme get some magic
I'm trying to leave this nut stain on your momma mattress

(chorus) 1x

(violent j)
Its me again j!!! i would love to turn you out
But, i think i'll pass, cuz your shit is blew out
Just hold your shyt together, cuz something maybe ??
Or maybe you can let me holla at your puiny hole

Give it to me (repeats through maddrox until chorus) 8x

(jamie maddrox)
Man, u goin suck violent j's dick
Lick shaggz balls
Hump monoxide
(chorus through maddrox) 4x
And you can't even touch my butt?
Bitch, i'll choke your ass
Mothafucka, how many times do i not get some?
I ain't get no love in this mothafucka
Hey look, touch my butt
Touch my butt right now
I'ma pull it out
You betta touch my shit
Don't fuck with me girl, i know where you live
Touch my butt
Touch my ass right now
Look its out....touch it ew ew touch it
Touch my ass
Girl, you betta touch my ass