Letra de Renditions of reality


Letra de Renditions of reality de Twiztid
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( Twiztid )

[jamie maddrox]
When you step into reality.
Always wanna strattle me.
Player haters wanna battle me.
But i shed em' all like calories.
Prophecy preacher lend your ear and i'll reach ya.
And if your willin to be taught imma teach ya.
I'm not a people person truth is i cant stand to many people.
So many fake the funk perpatrate and call me evil.
But evil is a harsh word.
Tell the mockingbird that i said it.
A man of my word i wont regret it.
If i let it get to me like it get to them im no better.
The same message over and over what difference does it make
Player hatin is a art of a scandelous and shafty person.
Some do is so well i'll be damned if they dont rehearse it.
Disperse it to people like me and you everday.
And they expect the common man to turn his cheek and walk away.
And now i pray for a end of the madness.
No more sadness.
To all my people who preside to be the baddess.
And all that they do and say.
But oh no shadow white cloud turnin night to day.
Its so tremendous that you couldn't even walk away.
If you choose you even suppose to watch the ones you close to, now thats
Tell me will it change im confused.
Not a thing to lose.
This shit is far from positive it saddens like booze.
Paying dues aint the only part of duties that ?
To the chosen.
Spittin lyrics in the microphone and.
Dodgin player haters till my temper hit the ceilin.
And this how they got a nigga feelin.
I done fell into reality.

[chorus 1x]
My renditions of reality.
Call it bad, call it good.
Wrong or right.
Note! believe in me.
Believe in me.
And i believe in you.
Everythings gonna be allright.

[monoxide child]
One day its goin hit me like a ton of bricks.
Im feelin so sick.
One of my dogs passed and shit.
I'm feelin like killin them all.
But whats that solve?
He's still goin be dead in the mornin.
Why take a fall?
Inside i be so mad i'm fin to burst.
Instead of chevy's, my homey's ridin in the back of a hurse.
You know whats worse.
Its to hard to coup with some days.
Murderous ways.
Leavin me shakin in the days.
Comotose, completely tore up.
Nerves be so bad i throw up.
Im bout to blow up.
In a rage, i need to talk nobody listen.
On the corner murder mindstate condition.
Overload! pull the trigger.
Stress got the best of suicide pour out some liquor.
Another great nigga that gets paid.
Diggin our grave. for senseless ways.
Keep to ourselves and stay paid.
All my dogs cant die or visit the sky.
And reminise when i'm high.
I'm never goin lie.
I got love for people, dead or alive.
We can smoke out in the ride of our memories.

[chorus 1x]
Reality is just a fragment.
Fragment inside my soul.
My eyes are closed.
My head is spinnin.
My head is spinnin.

[jamie maddrox]
This is a musical masterpiece dedicated to down riders.
Keep it in yo kliq fuck the outsiders.
People hatin on everthang and everythang's the same.
Everybody is a player and life is a silly game.
Its a damn shame.
Daddy died 11 years today.
I wonder if he know im doin straight.
Could you tell him somethin if you see my pops?
Before i do? let him know that he's remembered by my crew.
And everyday, in my mind, in my place, anytime.
Lookin in the sky for the seventh sign.

[monoxide child]
I walk around nobody know's what i do.
Chillin phaze and date raps
As my body transends through this portal of life.
Smokin blunts wrongin my rights.
I live for the night cause im meltin in light.
Completely outta site.
For facts so unknown.
So grotisque never stated on microphones.
So alone in this fucked up world, it sucks dick.
Everybody gotta problem when you cant bet.
I be the last one, more like the last dragon.
No swords to ever let this world contort.
The way your thinkin its so essential.
It gives us all the potential
To take over the world in our ?mentals?
If i cant live my life the way i wanna live my life.
Then why cant i die! why cant i die!

[chorus 1x]
My renditions of reality.
Call it bad, call it good.
Wrong or right.
Note! believe in me.
Believe in me.
And i believe in you.
Everythings gonna be alright.