Letra de Fat kidz


Letra de Fat kidz de Twiztid
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( Twiztid )

Yo fritz, put on a mothafucking beat, that we can shake our mothafucking rolls to
yo, fat kidz are ya with me?
put your mothafucking hands high in the air, let me see your little chubby digits
it's about to get sweaty in here ya'll, you might want to bring a fan
it ain't easy, being about 250, when you're 15 years old
that's what real life's about
Hey yo, fat people are hard to kidnap
so if you're fat and you're all in this bitch, then grab your nutsack
fat bitches, don't feel left out
cause you can grab one of them skinny bitches, and knock her ass out
chubby love, show a ninja some
cause this fat motherfucker stay ready however they come
a hungry rapper, cannible lyricist
i got host of mc's like you inside my shit
standing poolside with a t-shirt on
unless i'm showering or fucking, my clothes stay on
i got double cheeseburgers chasing me in my sleep
and fine hoes checking me out but scared to speak
off the chain, off the scale, i ain't watching no weight
i'm at the barbecue high ass hell fixing my plate
xx to the x-l, hit me 3 times
come correct with my burger and fries, the king sized
"this song is dedicated to all the fat people world wide, dead or alive. biggy smalls, the one man gang, chubb rock, chris
farley, 8 ball, john candy, big pun, bam bam bigalow, fred bearing, kevin smith, e-40, matt nips, king kong bundy, fat joe,
blaze ya dead homie, fat albert, and the fat boys, and grimace. monoxide use to be fat."