Letra de Diffrent


Letra de Diffrent de Twiztid
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( Twiztid )

Leave me a sec i was here from u ignorant counterfit normal mutha fakos so proud of the innsocents forever in this bitch fuckin with the dead w/ invisible x's in the middle of our forehead (what would u call us!)
act like u dont know in the mist of the twiztid serial killing juggalo we stay diffrent i guess diffrent minds think alike w/ the children of the night, yall wanna fight? cause if its this way theres gunna be more feelings hurt up in here tonight, guess whut's it like when u fuckin w us?
and than youll get fucked up and shit is so serious (hoe)
dont even speak on us, now i know everyone they got their own personal reasons 4 hatin us, but i dont care bitch, shu the fuck up try strange derange define diffrent

chorus: x2
im diffrent
im not like you
im diffrent
i like fukin w/ voodoo
im diffrent
i come from the dark side
im diffrent
i see the dead come alive
Im truly diffrent by the rest of the world cuz of my axe, tripped out dirts and bold ass contacts
not normal nothin in comparisin' stop frontin bitch use emarrassin'(hoe) ,seperated from the rest at birth and the blood on my face is cursed, im leavin the earth represented by killas and juggalos, and all that dont know should die like some dumb hoes. (beotch)
my shit changes mind state spreads chicken in the cold in most states, and i hope u both hate, u cant stop what u cant see, im slippin into your back door tyin up your family, unexpected and unexplained im underground.. and im insane!!
people really talk the talk but ima walk the walk and leave u throwin in chalk, bitch
(chorus x 2)
Im diffrent like i never existed diffrent like the 50 pack smokin bud token from twizted, like im segregated and all - hold up fuck that a better word is playa hated, cause its so for real, if u come for week shit than the axe will. i said u can see it im my soul, im diffrent cuz we twizted 4 life w/ juggalos.
we wal through walls sleep w/ bats been heaven to hell and still cant relax, at least my momma called me strange, said i would be danderous if i was given a brain. ima serial killa thats whut i ammounted to be in this world in a dead lock between you and me. i live behind a mirror and im every bad dream so believe what u hear and see cause im diffrent!!

(corus x 3)