Letra de Tear it loose

Twisted Sister

Letra de Tear it loose de Twisted Sister
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( Twisted Sister )

There ain't no way i'm gonna wait for saturday night
i've worked all day, i've slaved away
i gotta set it right
gonna hit the streets, cruise around
gotta find some action
ain't gonna stop until i drop
or get some satisfaction
Gonna tear it, gonna tear it loose
gonna shout it from the roof
blast my way into the night
i'm gonna live my dream
shout and scream!
tear it loose
tear it loose
tear it loose
tear it loose
tear it loose
tear it loose
tear it loose
tear it loose
I've been brutalized, computerized
punched in and punched out
now here comes the night and it just ain't right
to be shut in or shut out
so i'm breaking down the barricades
gonna slow the hands of time
cause to waste away the rest of the day
is such a fucking crime
(repeat chorus)
I'll keep grabbin' hold of all the gold
in this old world of trash
long as there's a light breakin' through the night
i'm never gonna crash
and if i'm down and out one day
i won't throw in the deuce
i'll just kick it out, thrash about
'till i tear it loose
(repeat chorus)

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