Letra de Soft focus


Letra de Soft focus de Tsol
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Letra de SOFT FOCUS de TSOL.

( Tsol )

One day I lost my face in a crowd
I tried to call it back, the color ran into the sand
I´d worn this face before now,
and looked but through jaded eyes

Soft focus...soft focus...
To watch the picture tube, and see me fade from black to grey

Through the darkness I stumbled to,
laughter in the darkened room
Though when I came through the doorway,
the laughter seemed to fade away

Soft focus...soft focus...
Oh can´t you see me in this crowde rom? God,
can´t you hear me in this...

Headlights on the screen passing faraway,
I saw my eys in the car, red light jumped on my face,
on to the screen and left me here.
I couldn´t walk away...