Letra de Silver shifter (live)


Letra de Silver shifter (live) de Tsar
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( Tsar )

This song is about a race car driver umm who getsin an accident and he gets uh abducted by aliensat that moment and he comes back to save the planetand it´s called yeah (yeah!)and it´s called the Silver Shifter........

Slow dive on carnival hill
Slow down your makin me real
Silver and 79 shifter and planets align
Silver Shifter shift it out
glider glider divin down

seven is never enough, slide her into the stuff
slow gun and colorful flags
shift her into the swag
Silver Shifter shift it out
glider glider touching down

Well I will go and you will show
the moon will glow moonlight
On the Silver Shifter, Silver Shifter...SHOUT!!

Softer down for the counts
slide her in many amounts
Silver is up for appeal
Shifter make me real
Silver Shifter shift it out
glider is tighter touching down

I will climb and you will find the moon will shine moonlight on the Silver Shifter

Silver Shifter

Let´s Go!!!!!!!!