Letra de Alabanza (en ingles)

Tres Dueños

Letra de Alabanza (en ingles) de Tres Dueños
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( Tres Dueños )

Lord flood me your power and your glory
For so your power to act without panagloria
Clears my all dross to become worthy
Obtain mercy
You that thing you came but did not receive
Rejecting your greatness, you humiliated
and they spit, they treated you as guilty
Sorry gave them Trophy
Today offering up this glamor and praise
I´m giving Lord, in thee my soul rests
Since I´ve been created in Your image and likeness
Give me some of your light, put my mind temperance
And it strengthens my faith, in You I put my hope
Sure there will be controversy so now I recite
I heard muffled pa ´fools, I cling to your requirements

This is more than a song
A song of hope
It is my gift to God
In praise (x2)

Put your word in my mouth so I do not lie
Place in my tools requiring listens to me
To support the struggle of powers of evil
Pour your source for cheering your name
Jesus Christ, any man, removes all storms
Really, without fanaticism, I declare follower
The Lord and His Word, my only savior
Many have given me back
But God always present and even if it seems absent
Almighty will be there
The protects you and keeps you, gives you comfort, you load
Takes care of your burden, sweetens your bitter mind
When you close wakes, He makes two open
I do not pretend to believe because I do not think who
You have free measured between bad and good
Pa ´mi the satisfaction of writing a song
It´s when I get my time, take my blessing God
And I say "Welcome, you you will be blessed you and your generation"
Think for a moment how great is his power
God gives you the world for a grain of faith
For being so divo I have earned many enemies
And harden against my haughty hearts
Because my faith is being sure of what is expected
The conviction is not what bothers me
Keep me strong Jesus, keep me in your coverage
Aplicame your heart of hearts your acupuncture
Your you know my pain, only you´ve got the cure
My praise is heard here to the heights
You chose your son and me but we proclaim
All I got back but I always saw your hand
And for that simple reason I have to say ´I Love You´

This is more than a song
A song of hope
It is my gift to God
In praise (x2)
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