Letra de Sayonara

Toy Box

Letra de Sayonara de Toy Box
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( Toy Box )

Sayonara baby
I hope it's not the end
Until we meet again
After each night there is a day
We'll be back, though we go away
Smiling faces are everywhere
If you need us we'll be there
So ....... song just to let you know
That it is hard to let you go
Until we're back together you can be sure
That you'll be hearing more
Sayonara baby
This could be the end
But i'm not worried baby
Cause we will meet again
...(see above)
When the music is playing loud
You'll be hearing us crying out
Follow your dreams it's not too late
And just be yourself, don't hesitate
...(see above)
So for now, until we see you again, sayonara