Letra de Till the end


Letra de Till the end de Toto
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Letra de TILL THE END de TOTO.

( Toto )

I know what's on your mind
let's lay it on the line
all the things were missin'
look i just came back to town
drink that green dragon down
it's time for me talk and you to listen
i know my heart, i know it well
bet your analyst forgot to ask that question
we're at the start and time will tell
till the end
your name will touch my lips like prayin'
till the end
i'll be the keeper of the words your heart is sayin'
till the end
you and i will learn a language new and unspoken
till the end
we'll be the ones who hold the key to a lock that's open
Girl not so long ago
a boy that didn't know
that he was hurtin'
pushed somebody down
they fell and hit the gound
but i never meant for you to be that person
you know my heart, you know me well
it's never been my style to take advantage
we're at the start and time will tell