Letra de Stranger in town


Letra de Stranger in town de Toto
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( Toto )

I remember it was late one night
in the middle of a dream
woke up in a pool of sweat
thought i heard a scream
ran over to the window sill
stuck my head out for a peek
dressed in black was a man i didn't recognise
running down my back street
my heart skipped a beat
Chorus (2x):
you better watch out, there's a stranger in town
you better watch out when he comes around
don't make a sound
The morning paper and the head-lines read:danger to the queen
buckingham palace better tighten things up
the son of a bitch is mean.
vendors on the corner just doin' their job
acting like nothing's new
scotland yard's still looking for him
but he doesn't leave
a single clue
Chorus (2x)
You better watch out..
Who's this man who fell out of the sky?
what's he done and where's he live?
how can a man who's a criminal be a hero to the kids?
the old couple swear that the riper's back
they say it's him all right.
the young girl says it's jesus and he won't be back again
i wonder who's right ?
You better watch out...