Letra de Punk bitch

Too $hort

Letra de Punk bitch de Too $hort
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( Too $hort )

Write a little save-a-hoe speech all these fake-ass hoes...
fake punk-ass bitches...
do you know what i mean?
fuckin'em up like this, man...
$hort dog's in the house, bitch!
She's a punk-ass bitch, hoe, tramp and a slut
took her to the hotel just to fuck
last night she licked all on my balls
pussy got wet like niagara-falls
dropped my drawls and bitch said: "shit!"
skinny mothafucka with a fat-ass dick
it's like a t-p-treatment, thangs so foul
from the tip of my head to the crack of my ass
she got busy so i called to the crew
you bitches know what to do
hoes try to front like they ain't no tramps
try to get that pussy and she say you can't
me and my partners we got that game
check a square-ass bitch and make her throw that thang
you wine and dine that nasty freak
dropped her off and got a kiss on cheek
you never even know how she ran in the home
jumped on the phone and started to burnin' me out
she kept beepin' so i made the call
bitch on the phone jackin' off
sounded like she was havin' fun
playin' with her pearlthang
i said: "bitch, i'm on my way!"
i givit to you, homeboy, play by play
she had on polkadots with miniskirt
jumped in the car straight went to work
i must to bust two nuts back to bay
never seen a bitch work head like that
she had me jumpin' out of my seat
workin' her jaws to the beat
she was a good dicksucker, i can't lie
sucked so good i thought i¡¯d die
bitch blew me up and blew me down
all the way back to the oakland-town
baby started to singin': "i love you!"
tellin' me things she wanted to do
if i needed some money come to her
everythin' i want is everythin' i'm worth
and you know what i said? i told the bitch
i said: "bitch, i'm rich!"
Fuck these hoes, man...
i ain't trippin'...i'm like hell...
long-hair suckers...
I know you're fine, bitch
but you got no cash you need to get a job
but your lazy-ass try to juice me up
i ain't no punk
i put you in the rap with some serious funk
i wouldn't buy you a car, no diamonds and shit
all the time talkin' about your fake-ass gifts
george bought you a ring, john bought you a chain
bitch, i'm buyin' you an ounce of this game
you better take it and shut the fuck up
stop runnin' your mouth like a sucka
cause you's a punk bitch
everythin' you say and everythin' you do
makes you a punk bitch, no good, no doubt
all i gotta do is stick a dick in your mouth
wanna give up the pussy, bitch, i had it
you're too slim, i like your mama's ass
pops came home, came up to show
family in the backroom, i'm fuckin'em both
now i'm the stepdaddy and the son in law
you call me too $hort they call me too raw
i creep by one room in to the next
nothin' goin' on but some serious sex
some of these hoes might think i'm played
bald-head bitch need some new brains
cause that nappy-hair don't even hit
what's cookin' in the kitchen
on the back of your neck
like you burned the rise and wanna front on me
you could never fuck with $hort, baby
i'm from the o-a-k-l-a-n-d
i slap you in the face with reality
these punk-ass hoes out there is sick
happy walkin' around with a trippy dick
so beautiful fine young thang
to get that cog was just like a dream
but now three days later ask kool moe
you feel burnin' sensation down below
you're a true blue victim of a punk-ass bitch
thought she was a square and she gave you the shit
so for all you hoes that live like that
all the homies in the house say: "punk-ass bitch!"