Letra de Hoochie

Too $hort

Letra de Hoochie de Too $hort
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Letra de HOOCHIE de TOO $HORT.

( Too $hort )

[ intro ]
yeah, you know, it's like, ehm - i rap
i got two platinum albums
i do a lotta concerts all over the place
i seen the groupies
they do whatever you say
when you want it, how you want it, and where you want it
but i ain't trippin
cause these are the '90s
so when a freak say to me she loves me
i just say somethin like this
[ verse 1 ]
i say baby, why you wanna do all that?
sleep with a brother just because i rap
you keep lookin in my eyes, and you just won't stop
all damn night you been on my jock
but i'm no fool
cause you're sprung on my house and my swimming pool
call me a dog, i got several freaks
when i do my shows i can't get no sleep
cause you keep knockin at my hotel door
i was there to sleep, and can't get no more
sleep, so why you wanna wake me up?
when i told you once i don't wanna fuck
so get on, girl, won't you mind your own
i'm tryin to sleep, so just leave me alone
next time i see you, i do my duty
but tonight, i got another hoochie
[ chorus: d'wayne wiggins ]
hoochie, tryin to be bourgie
but you're nothin but a groupie
riding on my snoopy
[ verse 2 ]
i'm short dog, i wanna take you backstage
and you can read it like it's on the front page
you wanna do somebody right
for those who ain't famous - not tonight
you do the nba and the nfl
rappers and singers as well
keyboard players and the drummer
it's like track and field with just runners
so let me get on the phone and call all my friends
ain't a damn thing changed but the paint on our benz
get somethin that you can't get from good girls
care less about a weave or a jherri curl
cause i know something you don't know
ain't nothin like these groupie hoes
and since tony toni ton?made the track
get lost, fool, and tell your girl i'm back
sing it
[ chorus ]
[ verse 3 ]
get off my lap, cause you're gettin kinda heavy
lookin at the bed, askin am i ready
ready for what, sex?
well, after that, baby, what's next?
we get a house in the suburbs, two-car garage
and every night i get a good massage?
save that drama for later
and take this number to my skypager
keep in touch, but don't call too much
when i come back around, you know what's up
it's time to get busy once again
bring a few partners, cause i got friends
it's goin down like always
young groupies in the hallways
i got the money, the fame, and all the things you like
so i see you next time when i rock the mic
[ chorus ]