Letra de The squall

The Tossers

Letra de The squall de The Tossers
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( The Tossers )

Well I often walk down to the pub in springtime
To take the summer breeze and drink with friends
But on the 12th day of September I went down there
To the derision of all muslims and Afghans

Being assaulted here in neighborhoods around me
Personally and in their jobs and schools and homes
And the barfly´s said we should send ´em all back overseas
Well will you be the one to pay for their plane fare home

Well their women must come over here for sanctuary´s sake
Being the victims of honor killings still permissable in numerous states
By fanatical law a shamed husband can gun ´em down you see
When it´s affirmed by family and state then they have no where to flee

Well we should wipe ´em off the fuckin´ map they tell me
Cause we don´t know when or where they will strike next
But I say we don´t know their custom or what´s happened there
Being American we´ve been veiled from that text

Well it´s easier to manipulate a leader who needs food and guns
So we´ve promoted chaos over there all along
To not have to deal with an independent stable oil power
Who don´t need us or could tell us so long

And every time there´s a faction with potential to out sell
We profiteer ´em full of guns and missiles and so go out and kill
We supported Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan oh dread
Kids with guns starving to death if they get near you you´re dead

Oh take me away o´er the country side
With no natural resource or bombs or peering eyes
Away from the double standards practiced on both sides
Oh please my noble statesmen make this over

We´ve empowered leaders who´ve industrialized and overpopulated the towns
Who steal their tax money as most jobs are taken now run by machines
Our sale of food and aid get sanctioned if they don´t sell oil cheap
We starve ´em for their resource yeah we have ´em on their knees

Well Israel´s a source that does keep Arabs fighting
So we´ve consistently vetoed their division in U.N. plans
And we never sanction or exclude Israel outright
Despite atrocities performed by their own hands

And S.U.V.´s keep C.E.O.´s happy ´cause they´re a status symbol and every one buys
And they burn a lot more fuel so the oil industry´s happy as flies
On a shit that pollutes the air much worse then regular auto´s will
And they´ll keep this industry funded no matter who must be killed

We sent soldiers and weapons to the Afghanis to fight the occupying Russians
To insure an alliance and insure their trade for oil
And the communists fell anyway and we split breaking promises
Of aid and rebuilding and governance and left them fighting off warlords in turmoil

And they watched as we incinerated their brothers and sisters
In Iraq now they think our policies unfair
And that we condescend and meddle in their governments and destroy them
They think oil´s the only reason why we´re there

Instead of having a foreign policy for policing others and in defence
We should define it by what we´re for rather than what we´re against
What the perpetrators did is punishable and clearly shows to us
That you can´t subjugate others to your will by violence and mistrust
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