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The Tossers

Letra de Doctrines outdated de The Tossers
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( The Tossers )

Our differences far behind us
Nothing matters anymore
All I can do is smile and know, know you know
What I?m thinking before
This is not the place it used to be
It always seems a dream
The place I live ? it is not here
It?s somewhere in between
It?s too dark and cold to smile
Soldiers loom too keen to avoid
All the same guns, kneecaps, and donations run rampant
The argument keeps them employed
What parliament could stand to realize is that
They planted this troublesome seed
And we fed off of it and now it?s all this-
If you really want talk, don?t impede
Investments gone, small business disappears
When I look, I see no dreams, or dogma or rhetoric, or colors or campaigns
I see funerals and mother scream
I see hard men fall with pain in their eyes
I see conflict vanish in air and crumbled buildings
where men finally decides that they with that their dead were still there
I see a country who will not subsidize us and our own who won?t stand in the way
Does Downing Street now turn its eyes on our people to see what we have to say
Well, wait for peace from Britain and stand up
For ourselves and nothing else but for our dead
Not for money, security, indoctrinations, donations or anything else ever said
To be recognized as a nation of people
Who struggled and fought to be free
Not as criminals, terrorists, or an inferior class
But as activists who fought tyranny
And echo these thoughts run throughout time
Lest they be forgot
That it was greed that let one people prevail
Left another behind to rot
If the investment now is agreed upon then there
Must be limitations on capitol countries are allowed
To procure, by Irish resource tax and relations
Unless, you want us covered in plastic
Like a Nashville tourist trap
Or your grandpa 70 years old and cavorting in a leprechaun suit like a sap
Fair business practice fair for all people,
So greed cannot set the stage
Along with the minimum, so they don?t go crazy
Politicians and businessmen must have a maximum wage
Our differences far behind us
Nothing matters anymore
All I can do is smile and know, know you
Know what I?m thinking before.
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