Letra de Altercations

The Tossers

Letra de Altercations de The Tossers
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( The Tossers )

He stopped and asked me who I was
And what exactly that I does
Well, he hadn?t seen me round before
And it was all because
Watch as officer friendly turned into
A mothra type archenemy
Interesting style of dress he says
What a bampot, what a goon
Now I?m sitting here again in jail with all my friends
My 5th time in this nick, the only one cop that?s ever been nice
I was collected here for loitering
I was waiting for a ride ? I didn?t get nothing
It might have been fun ? but I didn?t have a
Video camera at the time
Terminal officer friendly, officer Jeckyl and
Officer Hyde, the thought is completely barmy,
When the chief is on the telly and he cries
"No don?t be afraid of us, no we?re not out to get you, sus
No to serve and protect, where for
We employ community crime control."

But they are out to friggin? nick you
Because that?s their friggin? job
They just forget they?re dealing with people
To stead of shaking criminal slobs
Take pride in your job
Don?t be ashamed
No, but serve and protect too
Instead of playing cops and robbers
Itchy fingers, what an excuse.

I?ve always gotten collected for silly menial crap collected
Quotas to be made
I watch people get hurt when they get hit
There is violence in the street
It would make you sick if it was shown
But forget it when you glorify these
Cops with TV shows
In the case of Jerimiah Mearday
In the case of Bobby Sands
Go to the library, if you don?t believe
And look all this crap up
Be truthful, on this statement
Your friend there told us everything
Be careful not to drop the soap you sissy
Wait a minute; there was no one else
With me at the time
People become complacent
They?ll stick to anything exciting
They stay in a situation
It?s safe and fun, it?s all they know
You have to study laws mate
For the public, so deal with it
There is two sides to your job
If you?re gonna do it half ass,
Don?t friggin? do it at all.


Well, I say fuck the police
Fuck the police
I say fuck the police
Fuck the police
I say fuck the police
I say fuck the police
Well, I say fuck the police
I say fuck the police.
Fuck ?em.
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