Letra de Vaginal secretion

The Partisan Turbine

Letra de Vaginal secretion de The Partisan Turbine
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( The Partisan Turbine )

Now I finally have you, tied up against your will.
Drugged and dismembered, still unconscious,
filthy fucking whore.

Delay her death,
Torture begins,
Penetrate her ass and face.

She will make the perfect specimen, to cut up and sauté,
After we mangle her cunt and fuck her till she bleeds.
Skin her live, and roll her in salt,
just to begin the first stage of assault.
Savagely rape her and beat her in.

Run the blade right down the spine,
Separate skin,
Peel the flesh from off her chest,
Reaching inside,
Cut her up internally
Dull is the blade,
Butcher the rest of her gut,
Leave it in sight.

Bleed you filthy whore.

Rape, devoured you piece of shit,
your body so fragile, now broken in half.
Misfortune dawned on you
and others of backstabbing morals rot together.

Left to rot,
The stench of decay,
Awakes my bones,
In the blood feast.
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