Letra de Defleshed

The Partisan Turbine

Letra de Defleshed de The Partisan Turbine
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( The Partisan Turbine )

Slowly peeling from the skull and eating every piece,

Battered and blood soaked, running
down the gullet faster than the blood
spilling from the spore, infested segments of each lay its
perfect stench upon the tongue.

Aroused this beast they call I,

Mutilation from start to finish, with the
sensation of my cock ripping a hole through the flesh and arranging the bits and pieces around
the room, cleansing my violent
hunger for filth and sodomy.

Nothing will ever stop me,
Cumming all over your face and
tits ripping you apart harder after orgasm,
believe me your fucking dead,
with the carnage still continuing
I rip and butcher your cunt,
reaching in pulling out your entrails.
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