Letra de B.f.g.

The Partisan Turbine

Letra de B.f.g. de The Partisan Turbine
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( The Partisan Turbine )

Still hate,
Heinously, I´ve suffered in existence,
tortured of conformity, spawned from progression,
Ominous vile in rapture to the horde
of miscreation and blank eternal sacrifice.

Open up the gates, release the fuckin plague
Abomination, impure and exiled.
Nobody will comprehend.
The forces divine and condemned.

Refuse to comprehend.

Fight threw the fuckin hate, with no mercy
Pulled by all the hate, You´ll be left for dead.
Win the battle and terminate today,
disgusted with all the weak.

Banishment of all the futile and
of all the godless truths,
Terminal illness amongst
the fleet of disgusted guilt.

Disguised in purity erect of malicious states,
Termination directed against the weak.

Turn the tables, blessed in sickness.
I want you dead, burning,
A disease for wasting,
I want to be.

Always never you said, termination fed the grinder,
Just the wasting, nothing you say
Termination still grinding,
Always nothing you say,
Nothing else you say,
Resurrect something instead to kill all thats left.

Embracement of the trinity and of degraded souls,
Everlasting horizons, of the dark,
This is the time when nothings safe,
Don´t try and stop me now,
Nothing´s safe,
Don´t try and stop me.

You´ll never stop me.