Letra de Shadow land

The Haunted

Letra de Shadow land de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

Worn out - a broken, fucked-up
Mind. an empty shell of life con-
Scious, breathing, feeling. forced
On society´s back - nailed to the
Freakshow cross.
Submissive lever raging through
The veins. distorting the values
Set by us all. you´ve lost all con-
Trol. immoral machines all pleas-
Ure & greed.

Shadow world
Liquify the senses and inhale the
Poison. a way to find the path to
Divinity. arise from filth, always
Fought for what you believed in
The crystal saviour will help you
On your way
Distorting the values set by us
All. you´ve lost all control
Immoral machines of pleasure &

Shadow world
Slipping away into a twisted state
Of grace. the pain ignites my
Growth. nightmare closing in,
Bleeding and begging for an end
To come. the spawn of a shadow
World. shadow world. distorting
The values set by us all. you´ve
Lost all control. immoral
Machines of pleasure & greed.
Shadow world. shadow world.
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