Letra de Last

The Haunted

Letra de Last de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

A raped woman is a whore, and when the newsman explains how the rapist in his
Frustration over his limp dick fucked her with a carpentersknife you wince in
Your safe little cubicles, and self-righteously pass judgement. she deserved
It, that just shows how it goes, and it never would´ve happened if she had
Listened to her parents. i say fuck you. if i had the bomb i´d let it rip. you
Are culprit and prey in the same sick being. parents and politicians rave over
Our attempts to shut it all out, as if the drugs and sex are the problems. in
This world it´s only natural to seek out oblivion, it´s the only way we can
Survive, once we see the horror...one last thing, never expect me to try being
A part of your heap of shit. i´d rather stay out here in the cold for the rest
Of my fucking life than be a part of your sick, fucking society.