Letra de Everlasting

The Haunted

Letra de Everlasting de The Haunted
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( The Haunted )

As i´m crawling through the rem-
Nants of life, you poison my soul
And leave me bleeding on the
I try to get back on my feet
But i´m still nailed to the edge

I´m still nailed...
A sickness breeds inside my
Mind. the seed of my own cre-
Ation. i´m standing at the edge
With no fear of falling. the pres-
Ent is my future. and the future is
My past. so divine, the other side
I´m not afraid. my filth pollutes
Your life, i feel ashamed.
As i´m running through the
Remains. just dying for that final
Plunge. now standing at the edge
With no fear at all. every new
Beginning comes from somebody
Else´s end. a leap away from the
Other side, i´m not afraid. with
Broken wings i try to fly. i feel

Fuck it, i´ll push you !!
So divine, the other side, i´m not
Afraid. with broken wings i try to fly
I feel ashamed. forever falling. i´m