Letra de Banda s. de rio (pretty birds)

Temas De Películas

Letra de Banda s. de rio (pretty birds) de Temas De Películas
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( Temas De Películas )

I was striking suave, ambitious
Feet to peak, so birdelicious
Now I´m vial, I am villain, and vicious, oh and malicious

I had it all, a TV show, women too
I was just whole, over 1 for 2
Then I´ve got a pretty parrot to quit for my shoes
That´s why I am so evil why I do what I do

(He was superstar)
So young and vital
(He´s nasty)
A South-American Idol
(He´s a suspicious bird)
Who said that about me?
(A very vicious bird)
I´ll have you rotisseried

I was the king of tele novellas
The envy of all the other fellows
Then I was pushed out for a pretty polly parrot keep from Paraguay they called Patricious
Common Paraguayan name

He´s a nasty bird
I´m insidious
He´s nasty
Oh I´m hideous
He was a huge macaw
I´m a cockatoo
An obscene bird
Yeah that word´s true

I´m a feathery freak
With a beat
A bird murderer
You think you´re better than me?
I never heard of ya
I´m evil
I fill your cheese ball with weavils
I poop on people
And I blame on seagulls

It was him

He´s a nasty bird
I´m invincible
He´s nasty
I´m unminceable
I´m unwashable
Like an abandoned school
I have no principal

All of you Brazilian birds
All 18 million birds
I´ll tell you what I´m going to do
I´m going to make you

Shut up now, shut up
It´s just me

I will make you ugly too

Did you hear how dramatic that was?
With the end