Letra de Mars


Letra de Mars de Television
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( Television )

Guess I need some education
Grab some whilst I have the chance to free
Twice upon a time hear yea hear yea hear yea
Plastic bow wow no can´t remember... can´t remember No.....!

In my arms she´s warm and smooth
All the bones in heaven will...
I´m just a dipstick yes I like that frying but...
That cop, that cop, hey! that cop´s from
That cop´s from MARS! Aaaaaaough baby
Ha. Mars. Mars

Fried bones, in the air (?????who knows, it might be right)
Fried bones, everywhere
Hot bones, made of light
Someone´s pulled my skin on my, on my oh Oh OH


I´m just a dipstick searching for truth

Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling time again time again
Must have some coffee Let´s have some caw-fee
I die a coupla times for you
I die a coupla times a night for you, Aaaaaargh

[Chorus 2x]