Letra de Smokefest


Letra de Smokefest de Tash
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( Tash )

Featuring b-real, phil, outkast

Here we go
Everybody grab a seat
Welcome to smokefest 99
I'm glad you all could make it
As you can see, this edition is the greenest smokefest this year

Verse 1:
Could tell to me, i suit it too
Dipped in 24 characters
Y'all niggas don't feel me
Then i blame it on your parents
Cause tash fuck it up,
Don't twist it up with luck
My style is calm,
Like i bought it off the ice cream truck
Listen here, huh,
Tash be crashin' niggas with my beer
Tash be partied down as fuck,
Swinging on this chandelier
Tash be here, tash be there
Tash be everywhere, it's poppin'
I'm here to let you know
Fuckin' with me's not an option
Cause tash is my man
Tash done started with a bang
Tash done ended with a <machinegun shots>
That's not the same thing
Tash'll split your brain
Tash swings like gold chains
I be rolling with king tee
We all in the same game
But enough about the tash
Let's talk about some squeal
You know it's bout to pop,
When likwit crew is on the bill
You can ask my nigga phil
How real this is, the weed
Smokefest 99 burn somethin' to the beat

"smoke, smokefest time"

Verse 2:
[dre of outkast]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I was lookin' to get my scub
Looked up like kid dynamite,
The time is right
We ride with tracks so fiercely

That it seems like i'm already high tonight
But i'm not, though it's only for a lack of hours
And people be thinking i'm wilder
Cause i be livin' and rippin' the track,
And probably attackin' over your shoulder
Fun, high is so much a leaf
Myself i gotta be composin' that fine shit
You notified a alkaholik
Then it's a popup, givin' it up bitch
But you need more, rap,
Some of my boys are still in the trap
I mean to dose by
But the slingin' got me snappin'
Like the (?)
I could the play you wanna bust with
Or maybe you don't, whether go fuck with it
Or nuff with, you suck dick
So why you all over nuts swift
I hold the microphone
And that's with a byscript
Pretty tightly
And i'm keepin' the words crystal clear
So you don't correct and try to bite me
Very nicely, aquemini
My nigga, (?)
But i likely, don't test of that green stuff
While i ride g

Verse 3:
[big boi of outkast]
Hard life, now picture this
A nigga in jail,
Rappin' while he smokin' an xl
Tappin' with some spoons
We go rank the boom boom
Fresh of a planet with sassoon's
That hit full moons
Talkin' black moons, tilly tight platoons
Much lay under arms
Songs, long john
Wipe 'em in the drum
Rhythm on the one
Stay lonely is understandin' where i'm comin from, son
The day you want it when you started that
The time in-between us, will mean the most
I toss my hat
These chickens so bad,
That i know it make you wanna cry
But suck it up, burn it up
Go ahead and do your thing

"smokefest time"

Verse 4:
[phil da agony of barbershop mc's]
Now i kick my rhyme in
You can call me philly tight in
Resitin' you an interview
Like phil die on upm
My crew translate
Los angeles scandalous like watergate
Phil on the break, phil on the grape
Phil in the blanket,
Feels bad like gettin' shaved
Plus your taxes
I'm ridin' exact for my access
>from my head down to my air max's
You wax us and relax us
Phil (?)
Yo, my name is jason,
When i fill out my application
To the nation
Niggas is gone gettin' bill with they face it
Phil the race hit
Feel the adrenaline
I penetrate like penacil
And niggas be like phil is illin'
Phil is willin' and ready
Phil is more like eddy
Phil be cuttin' out like machete
And confetti deadly
Feel the pain when i walk through the rain
Niggas be likin' sayin' phil again,
Phil again, phil again

"this is a call"

Verse 5:
[b-real of cypress hill]
Now i be rollin' and smokin'
Just holdin' the golden sack
When me lungs be gettin' swollen
Hittin' the bong, foldin' for chronic
Ironic, funk when the hydrobolic
We got it robotic,
Keeps you wantin' for lotic tricks
Are sonic
Smokefest expel in you chest
Who to blast, best
For you to step back,
Cause your lyrics are like sessed weed
Yes indeed, a session you need
To retrieve it
It's 10 niggas in a circle smokin' a splif
Believe it
Retrieve it,
Open the counter, can you conceive it
I give you dr. greenthumb digits
But don't repeat it
The brew crew then to call the master together
Hittin' you higher
And fuckin' you up that much faster
Zigzags that leaves pipes and ?farmbowls?
All weed gettin' smoked
But who the heck shows
Excuse me if it seems to complicated
The herb i hold is platinum,
While yours is nickleplated
Let me mash out, and breakin' the stash out
The hash out
And roll into the studio
Let's smoke my nigga tash out

"smoke, smokefest time" <repeats>

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