Letra de The damage

Tapping The Vein

Letra de The damage de Tapping The Vein
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( Tapping The Vein )

Hiding here, hoping this will finally give me peace
pretty please
readying, practicing the damage on my cheek
I'm not about to crumble
i'm not about to cave
i'm not about to paint you a picture
so you'll see me
You don't bleed like i do
you don't feel what i do
you don't live in this awful place
you don't know the darkness like i do
With any luck, i've allowed for all the time i'll need
pretty please
deep enough, at least as far as i can feel
I'm not about to fumble
i'm not about to fail
i'm not about to scream bloody murder
so you'll hear me
You don't know the darkness but i do

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