Letra de The democratic circus

Talking Heads

Letra de The democratic circus de Talking Heads
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( Talking Heads )

Found out this morning
there's a circus coming to town
they drive in cadillacs
using walkie-talkies, and the secret service
Their big top
imitation of life
and all the flags and microphones
we have to cover our eyes
We play the sideshows
and we like the tunnel of love
and when we ride the ferris wheel
we're little children again
And when they're asking for volunteers
we'll be the first ones aboard
and when the ringmaster calls our names
we'll be the first ones to go ... to sleep
Stealing all our dreams
dreams for sale
they sell 'em back to you
On with the show
start the parade
we sand along
sweep us away
It's political party time
going down, going down
and the celebrities all come out
coming down, coming down, coming...
The sun is going down
and the dogs are starting to howl
we stay out after dark
eating cotton candy
and the music's playing...
How we all laughed!
we split our sides
the cameras flashed
we almost died!
The rain's gonna pour on down, falling out of the sky
coming down, coming down
and the celebrities all run out, and the rain's
coming down, coming down
Gonna rain,
gonna rain, gonna rain
gonna rain, gonna rain,
rain, rain
rain, rain
And now i wonder who's boss
and who he's leavin' behind?