Letra de Perfect world

Talking Heads

Letra de Perfect world de Talking Heads
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( Talking Heads )

Well, i know what it is
but i don't know where it is
where it is
well, i know where it is
but i don't know what it looks like
what it looks like
well, i know what it looks like,
but i don't know where she comes from
well, i know where she comes from,
but i don't know what's her name.
(and she said) this is a perfect world
i'm riding on an incline
i'm staring in your face
you'll photograph mine
And i've been walking, talking
believing the things that are true
and i've been finding
the difference between right and wrong...good and bad
see me put things together
put them back where they belong
am i just like the others
have i always been singing the same song
Somebody said that it happens all over the world
i do believe that it's true
and the sun's coming up
and we're doing all the things that we should
doesn't everbody here believe in the things we do?
(and she said) chorusu
it's a strange situation
what's wrong with you?
what you doing in my house?
and it's all true
there's nothing wrong with you
(and i said) chorus