Letra de Cree


Letra de Cree de T.o.k.
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Letra de CREE de T.O.K..

( T.O.K. )

Alright cree
Mix up the yoga with the ti chi
Strengthen up my back now
Now Ready to whine she.
When time me down the girldem haffi cry cree.
Me bruk the girl inna the club in the VIP
Bout she have something to give me
Well try no bother use your kindness - tie me or you will cry cree

Bassie largy
The gal them now a days haffi go show ID
Gal underage and want to climb tree
no reach no consent and want to whine me
want fi whine me

but that gyal there Ivy
see me and my crew and want to join we
guess she don?t know sey that we grimy
can guarantee only one whine for she
we no want no wifey

Lord God, Craigy T
Me like the girls dem and they like me
That?s why any where me dey they find me
The black ones, the white ones - gal where Chinese
Said hear me have the ________ stamina to whine we

You shoulda see me whine out tiny whiney
Make she slip bumflick and hurt up her knee
And when time me done she as why me
Me say she shoulda cry cree

That one ya name cree
Mix up the yoga with the ti chi