Letra de Days of the week

Stone Temple Pilots

Letra de Days of the week de Stone Temple Pilots
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( Stone Temple Pilots )

Monday, back from the dead
i'm letting it go, back for another one
Tuesday, shoot me in the head
i'm takin' it back , takin' it back
i'll take it back
Wednesday, she's lookin' for a friend
she'll get what she wants
can't seem to get enough
Thursday, it's more than i can stand
i'm holdin' her down, holdin' her down
she's down again
I gotta find a way to find her
where could she be?
four days of the week
she thinks i'm the enemy
One day, left me for dead
woke up on the floor, time for another one
two days, she's leavin' me again
can't take it no more
out through the open door
three days, she's found herself a friend
she got what she wants
still never get enough
four days she's back with me again
she's pullin' me down, pullin' me down
i'm down again

Monday's gone
tuesday's fadin'
wednesday's gone
thursday's all but wasted now