Letra de Doctor alibi ft. lemmy kilmister (corregida)


Letra de Doctor alibi ft. lemmy kilmister (corregida) de Slash
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( Slash )

I went to see the doctor
He said ´you´re pretty sick
You got some real bad habits
You´d better stop right quick´

I said ´doctor, that´s real bad news
Don´t know what I´m gonna do´

Doctor, there´s nothin´ wrong with me
Doctor, doctor, can´t you see?
Doctor, I ain´t gonna die
Just write me an alibi

I went to see a shaman
He said ´you´ll be alright
Just keep doin´ what you love
Every single night´

I said ´that´s what I need to hear
Took away my childish fears´

Doctor, you´re a stand up guy
Doctor, doctor, my, oh, my
Doctor, you´re the one for me
That´s the mojo that I need

Don´t you know that I feel alright
Doin´ what I do
I ain´t gonna tow the line
Not till´ I turn blue

All I got is one short life
That´s what people say
And I ain´t gonna waste a second
Doin´ what you say

I won´t be the one you like
I won´t be the boy next door
I won´t be the chosen one
That´s not what I´m here for

I don´t like the way you are
I despise what you hold, dear
Don´t you try to make me change
I´ll haunt you for a thousand years

Doctor, don´t you talk that way
Doctor, don´t you mess my day
Doctor, stay away from me
Sick is what I´d rather be

Doctor, doctor, doctor death
Doctor, doctor out of breath
Doctor, I ain´t gonna die
Just write me an alibi