Letra de Taste defeat


Letra de Taste defeat de Sigh
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( Sigh )

My fading will
Mortal or immortal? It doesn´t matter to me
I´ve found the secret, I´ve found the key
Death means nothing, life means less
The key to go beyond it which I possess
Deny the things in which you believe
God is as small! Death won´t relieve

Listen to what I say
You don´t want to know what I say

Who dare stand before me?
I am a son or eternity
Give up your body to know
The hidden truth that lets it go
Forget those pseudo salvations
Who needs worthless reincarnations?
O my lord in the shadow, please show me the way, the way

Listen to what I say
You don´t want to know what I say

Just leave it off, I´ll see through those lies
Give up your souls, the eternal (symbolic) eyes
Leaving for the land where nothing dies
Feeling no fear, the evil inside

Your blinded eyes, now they will see
What shall rise, and what will be

Castle in the air which used to be real
Now you can´t tell just what was real
All the faiths you had are falling down
Taste of defeat, defeat of yourself