Letra de Walking away

She Wants Revenge

Letra de Walking away de She Wants Revenge
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( She Wants Revenge )

I feel her slipping away,
I´ve don´t the best that I can,
There´s nothing more left to say when it´s over.
I call her friend for advice, she says,
"I´m sorry," I ask what she means,
She says she told her we broke up.
Why am I the last to know my fate?
I take a deep breath and call her
I can no longer wait,
But it goes straight to message
And I´m deep in the zone,
Cause it´s 12:45 and you said you were home.
I don´t know why you hide from me,
All those times you said you´d die for me.

Don´t go turning your back on me,
Don´t go walking away.
Maybe you and I weren´t meant to be,
But don´t go walking away

I´ll make it easy for you
And say the things you can´t,
I know we´re growing apart and it´s alright.
Told you that this day would come
And you´d go off on your own,
So don´t you get second thoughts
Cause the deal´s done.
I try to be the bigger men and let go,
But suddenly I start to wonder if there´s more to the story.
It doesn´t matter either way in the end,
Because you´ll fall in love again
And there were others before me.
Still it´s hard to say goodbye,
But it´s even worse to live a lie.

[Chorus x2]

Don´t go walking away