Letra de This is the end

She Wants Revenge

Letra de This is the end de She Wants Revenge
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( She Wants Revenge )

Running like a dog never making connections,
Keep your story straight if they question you,
Try to separate the feeling from the truth.

You´re pulled in many directions, it´s never a gamble.
Low risk low reward love is all you need.
But did you think that you could walk away so clean?

Yet you´re staring at another strange ceiling again,
Though you swore you´d stay home and read,
Wondering when it is alright to leave,
So you just get dressed.

The door shuts behind you, the sun rears its head,
You race to your car through the cold morning dew,
Slightly annoyed and confused- she didn´t seem to mind,
You didn´t spend the night.

This is the end,
Though I saw it coming before we went to bed,
No I never could be the one for you.
This is the end,
Though I saw it before we started,
And no one´s gonna be broken-hearted here.

Staring straight ahead and never looking for answers,
Dumb yourself down it´s a great disguise.
Try to separate omissions from the lies.

With low expectations then nobody´s let down,
No long talks and no breakdowns on the way.
But isn´t that what makes it worthwhile anyway?

Now you´re pressed against somebody
Who you don´t even like,
Though they´re cute and they´ll pass the time,
Kissing around their neck and not their mouth,
So they don´t look in your eyes.

You lie down exhausted and riddled with doubt,
Then wait ´til they´re sleeping and sneak towards the door
Careful not to make noise
Across the creaky wood floors:
They´re not as cold as yours.

[Chorus x4]