Letra de After all

Sharon Cuneta

Letra de After all de Sharon Cuneta
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( Sharon Cuneta )

Sometimes people make so many mistakes
they try hard to resist whatever it takes
many times they think it's the right love
often times they're wrong but just couldn't talk
i just can't get over this feeling
not until darling you came along
loving me was all you've ever done
loving me as i am
Just can't believe you walked into my life
i never thought i'd meet someone beautiful like you
you'll always be my rock who i can lean on
through good times and bad times oohh...
after all
today i'm so glad i found you
'cause maybe i'd be lost without your love
i'll try hard to be what you want me to
i love you oh baby! can't you see?
and i know babe that you love me too
i can feel what's deep inside of you
and i want you always to keep me with you
in so many ways
you're the only one i'll ever love
no i'm noy gonna give you up this time
after all those precious memories
forever i'll keep you in my heart