Letra de Suffer the season

Shadows Fall

Letra de Suffer the season de Shadows Fall
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( Shadows Fall )

Unseen wounds fade to the surface
agony i cannot stand
you don't know what i feel inside these eyes
staring through your shallow body into the lies
watching life pass before my eyesas i hang from the knot i tied
thinking of what i have left behind, from this life i am saved
you've destroyed all i've made
what will become of my legacy
i don't know why i even bother
ending it all is the only answer to questions at hand
the question of life and death to all answered at last
when they find me gone and they know my plan
they'll forget that they hate me and try to understand why i ended it all by choice
while they cry and mourn
i'll be peace at last
pray for the end..this life always feeling sorrow.. in life
what i've experienced in this agonized depression
trying to understand and make the pain lessen
receving nothing from the love that you send
i have found the only wayt o make the pain end
you want me to look inside my head
but its far to late to see whats bothering me when you already know my fate
dwell on your own life if you value it so much
you don't beling in matters you don't understand