Letra de 12 days to fall in love

School Gyrls

Letra de 12 days to fall in love de School Gyrls
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( School Gyrls )

12 Days oh oh oh 12 Days(to fall in love)

12 Days ain´t enough for us to fall in love
I´m dreaming of you day and night
Tell me baby what we didn´t do right
Cause we were kssing under mistletoe
But only when we had to go
Baby 12 Days, 12 Days ain´t enough, ain´t enough
To fall in love

On the 1st day of christmas
I was by myself it was only me
On the 2nd day of christmas
I met you downtown by the christmas tree
On the 3rd and 4th day of christmas
You were on my mind
By day 6 I gotta admit, I wanted to give us a try oh but

(Back to Chrous)

By the 7th day of christmas boy I swear
That we were feeling like we were both
Skating on ice
Me and you, you and me.....kissing
Under Red and Green lights
By day 10 I knew then you would soon be gone
Baby this can´t be why´d this have to happen
To you and meeee?

(Back to Chrous)

The time goes on and so will we
Until next christmas I see you in my dreams
I will hold on (hold on)
To our memories (our memories)
ohhhhhhhhhhh (12 Days ain´t enough)

(Back to Chorus)
12 Dayyyyyyys

12, 11, 10, 9 8 7......6, 5, 4 3 2 1

To fall in love
12 Days To Fall In Love