Letra de El nivel(ingles)

Nach Scratch

Letra de El nivel(ingles) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

Nona:] This is the level ...
[Juaninacka:] This is the level ...
[Nach:] This is the level ...
[Trio:] These are the level, hip hop on the turntables, March 3, 4, 4, murder rap, kill you.

Nona is in the house, shine Latin underground
Wishes stress on the fine rhythm ...

[Nach and Juaninacka]
So say it, so say it!

Departs arrives Sweety temperature rises,
Alone in the heights, without sanity
The world turns, breath, sharpen my rhymes,
Annihilate plates, activating mines
And is that verse from the ninth hurry guild, something serious
I am the queen of this empire, the mystery
Resolved observed
Thousands of bets that surround me, they become
Hum dizzy, see my fun!,
My level is reflected in your retina Bum bum,
Desperado sound lethargic, delayed hook
With my good hip-hop single
Concentrate on my words when I speak
See the cunning of the devil
Foreigners, dazzling, stressing the first charge,
Saliéndome your bitter taste
Alert blind, I refuse to pisotearte
My art is untie
With the son, the work, my honor, shame, on your back,
You setbacks ....
Suspended players seek my demolition
Bull-dogs loose and so eluded you, live
Feeding on lucky dude, I see
Listen to black, I tell you ... And I!
The music envelops me like a coat, I look and look,
In the mud of a single mode
Childbirth your logo ... kind!,
I anticipate, I take it out, I´m a myth,
I´m the black panther from East Puerto Rico,
only once represent you, I never repeat boy ....

[Trio:] These are the level, hip hop on the turntables, March 3, 4, 4, murder rap, kill you.

Nacka is in the house, Randy opens the disc,
Shows that it is a flat who click minidisc
King of the gap,
Juaninacka is king of the gap,
The high in the house otherwise,
You can hear all and fuck the base,
Before and after Nona Nacho offset,
Today, I am in critical condition
Delete this toothpaste ad smile,
In 2000 there are no antibiotics, useful against me,
I haven or a rifle,
I´ve been in the Crusades, have violated
Muslim girls and women,
By faith, I cut heads Ottoman
I was Dad, I´ve been naughty and of course ...
King, plague killed me
In the middle ages, invented the printing press,
I had many days of tragedy and joy
Days of endless projects while
Gongora and Quevedo stole my rhymes,
Lurking thief, Mardo
Peasant crop planting
I have risen, new body, new name, but 100% pure
Liquor man, you see ...
I´m back again
This time I bring moves
Prepared the chessboard of life,
Now is the time of b-boy de Coria
Glory to God and my career,
Memory Man, the story to know
Because now the phone will not stop fucking,
Who is level?,
Where is the level?,
"On paper or skin color?
Bastard !!!.....

[Trio:] These are the level, hip hop on the turntables, March 3, 4, 4, murder rap, kill you.

NS is in the house rock, give me heat!, Throw me a rope, show me that our
Noise is a unique mixture, hungry, hunger comes the thoroughbred, is Oak
On these MC´s poor ...
Always giving double, run!
[Nona: run!]
[Juaninacka: run!]
I hit, hit copper can now ...
No talk, talk, my mind amazing that cut cut
My sharp sword, microbe, overwhelmed
Your fallopian tubes, you engage with my hate
As Asian opium, check out the podium
Really it is only ours
3rd place,
K.O. earn the rest, true to my level
You can not stain my skin
Dark bite, rattlesnake
And your asshole? You can not fuck with me,
Neither Tauriton Apart from the Don Simon and place
Don Pericón, another section, another lesson in the competition,
No weaknesses, is the heel, hip-hop without NS is like football without the ball,
Facing my level is safe humiliation
Olayouwon As if you put a plug,
Long and difficult task is to run the marathon, rebótate as the pediment,
Sales soared as the ping-pong is king-kong
Who beats his chest now? Right you fool,
Shipwrecked in a sea
I Scratch the shark, my mission is to conquer,
Like Napoleon,
Express philosophies, theories such as Plato,
I climb another step
And you pick up my scraps, you´re facing, sales,
Te slices, never fit in, my worst sentence is so high,
And your best line is so low
Flee from my level, I give 100 rhymes advantage.

[Trio:] These are the level, hip hop on the plates, since March 3, 4, 4, murder rap, kill