Letra de El juego del rap (en ingles)

Nach Scratch

Letra de El juego del rap (en ingles) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

"In the right corner with blue trousers, 83 kilos,
in the rap game, my man Nach "

I´m hooked to release albums as that is hooked to bingo
gambling addiction rate, I practice I differ pinball
with the words, topped by the squadron,
I do not pretend like the Olympic symbol,
I pay tribute to the game and I give sudo,
Valetudo and rap is worth anything but stay silent
So come to defend mountebank
can not be dialed or penalty
Sucking on the bench, the yellow jersey is only for champions
No tie, bad move your pawns, jake mate!,
Think about retiring my dribble leaves you on Mars,
I make a pipe to the art and your shadow,
The second half begins and go on whirlwind as Ong Bak
You jump rope on your own Compaq,
Compose combos that cause shocks,
I´m Tony Hawk´s on the block of crack, as no team
In a doubles match at Nach Zpu and ground in each match,
Your false hits like "pressing catch"
I break the rules when I get there
control that unfold in the game,
Comparable only to Steve Nash,
Remember this game is not faint of heart or manic
Here we use phrases like lunchacos,
Remember the quicker you face this shit,
When you lose, but want to do bungee cords.

"In the left corner and red calzon, 74 kilos, my man Zpu"

Mc´s call may day when I do this,
Dwyane Wayde upper spectrum as basketball,
All that hit part of my story,
Every time I spit like a lady jumped two of my darts dartboard,
Rap is my lengthy pool champion
Pack because I download like a marathon,
I´m a cyclone and you´re a boxing sparring,
Your diction to pictionary nothing but a babbling,
I dive under at the ends do tangles,
Fitness with my fingers, bussiness in the ring I´m a jockey,
If you connect K.O. my O.K
I´m fighting your fear of this hockey game,
Super, my snooker balls when grappling,
Jocker this poker´s answer your trivial
Envious of the most experienced players,
They see in their blood that touch of teachers,
Skilled without cape and sword fists like Ali, you me,
I will reach in this Rally sounds warm,
And tense as a bow, sparing in words,
Hobbled on my boat most of all God applauds from the stage,
Ascot the purest,
Formula One is not faster´m the best,
Priest kissed the canvas in this round,
When Nach passes the ball can only touch-down ".