Letra de Efectos vocales! (en ingles)

Nach Scratch

Letra de Efectos vocales! (en ingles) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

[Welcome to the center of vocal experimentation "Magna."
Today in our laboratory are investigating a
new subject. Nach calls himself, and is perhaps the most
Active strange and we have worked with previously.
But let´s start with the exhibition. The divide in 3
phases, and please do not try this at home.
Experimentation phase number 1. Skill Level 6.
Vocal A>

Work embodies the words, make them bullet
Catch burst, salt, crushed every room
Barks to rip the throat,
Knives out weapons,
The bleachers will be palms,
Takes fame, punk, never find peace,
Long faces bitter trail of evil,
You will walk in tow, you´ll pay the shit faces,
The laughs know salty
After, many traps, following, so much revelry,
Many false praise, after, many deployed,
So many souls transferred to achieve calmness,
Pájaras so, send ghosts Nach Sahara,
Talks cheap drill to gag,
Thin end badly tirades stops
So bad to massacre, to win battles
Apart, kicked, caught up to make the grade,
Cad, you give the bell at all,
Comrades will flock to cowering,
To sing ballads to please the masses,
Pacá Salta, and tired, now.

[Amazing is not it? But we will not be
there. Reaction will increase the difficulty. The subject
is cold and is unfazed. Seems confident. Let
see how it behaves now. Get to the next
exposure. Experimentation phase number 2.
Difficulty level 8.
Vocal O>

I do not compose with joints,
Just put rum or fonk,
Propose buzz as the culmination,
Formo monologues, all the pins are furnaces,
I played with jet noise, choirs and Concords,
Corroborate what, I control all modes
I know all the achievements,
I know all the choruses, Mongol,
Do not clone, not a bribe, only joy, I break it,
As Rocco fuck you soon,
No crown robots with monotonous flow,
Corks are like lead,
I float by the tones as cork,
No gift, chloroform,
I am the cosmos, the combos,
Are overweight, the drums are deep, billets,
I, chicken fat amount with other crazy
We are orcs, you lame horses,
Boards freaks loose
I fuck with a condom, with Don, as I compose expensive
Relief do not play, I blow like dust,
I delete, boobies, I rub cough pain pores
Eyes red from weeping provoked deaf
Ohoh! all with you, what board!

[We had never been with a guy like that. Their ability
seems limitless. Stay calm, please.
We will increase the maximum dose of difficulty.
Nobody has ever gotten through this stage, I repeat,
anyone. Exposure phase number 3. Level
difficult 10. Vocal E>

I see decent people perish shudders
Le Pen is the germ,
PP deserves thirteen
Mequetrefes sold 3 CDs, what do you think?
They think the heads of Eden
That will give them! Heretic!
Must understand that defense is wanting to lose,
Do you intend to win this set? I will be Federer
I started from the toilet
buried stress
At present the referent is the Everest, believe me,
The shaft is to have faith
Beings who want to get sick, desespérense,
I intend to crash, that will stop this express train,
Afraid to see that this LP is the best seller of the month
See! Instead of entertaining me belong
Demented minds should turn to black,
Respétenme! Stop pouring pests
Earthlings see that I rose from celestial bodies,
Aging me, give, never!
men beat of the reverb,
Emecé pray Feber,
I repel wimps wimps,
decrease trembling hostage in front of the sheik.

[It´s awesome. The subject has exceeded all
tests and heart rate has even accelerated.
Please stay calm. Do not panic. This is one of the
most dramatic moments in history
rap in this country. This motherfucker is capable of anything>