Letra de Amor libre en ingles

Nach Scratch

Letra de Amor libre en ingles de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

Free love
I am still free
nothing is complicated by your side
you make me free
I´m beyond recognition since I met you
more alive and more sencible,
because you´re here
count your seconds with my
and I wrote it thinking of you ...
because I love you.
Because I love you, above all, but
beyond the powerful knight gift money
your lover reborn, and fall asleep to the warrior ...
you can speak only with the heart first
and I love you
are the light of my hole
the blanket that wraps me in this cold month of January.
If you are the prettiest flower I saw growing on my land,
light and peace in a war reporter
For you, skip the all ballas, wherever you go,
kiss your footprints on the floor, because I love you
cry the whole planet it´s you and me,
skip any pitfalls with your apollo
and will climb on your back,
up to your neck, to caress your ear
and define you the most beautiful,
all your details, all your flashes
are stars in the sky, and I can not live without them.
Do not you think it is logical to me obsessions q,
to paint smiles on your face, most of my passions is
and again today I dreamed about my lines,
to eavesdropping and volases,
I know I believe,
always know how to be my guide and show me directions,
in my moments of doubt
and before the hard decisions,
easy to put it on, without condition,
You see, all are celebrations,
is not normal for me too excited,
when vines and I grow and I months
in your love and your swings,
peace and quiet
every problem is a game
your love sets me free, and to your love entrgo ..
(Look at me, love me, you know your love sets me free)
not pass the time if I have you next door
there are no shadows,
since you´ve come to make me enlightened.
(Touch, feel, know that your love makes me invincible)
nothing bad happens,
because you´re beside me,
Your love becomes free in this mad love.
(You know that your love set me free)
I´ll be there when you cry,
and when you laugh,
melandolía in your days and your joys,
I´ll be there when you sleep,
and when you dream,
in your deepest fears,
and your nights cooler.
so just let me write, retratarte, recatarte
of nowhere, whenever you feel sad,
just look at you every morning,
your love drives my pen,
until you feel my kiss on your pillow,
every thousandth in your legs
and your smell, every night is eternal
if you´re not around
please stay close
of the bridge builder
with people skills, and makes love with the minds,
This insane, that we face,
when you wake up smiling
as always, so bright,
and those teeth are diamond-esque,
and your eyes are esque drawings
that talk about how you feel.
And before you ask, I answer
always get to the bottom of your world
deeper and deeper.
when we go walking, talking,
when you see me looking,
taking my hand more tender
studying your mivimientos under the sun
and writing out of control under this tree,
love of marble.
Always a firm against any adversity,
between you on the train of life, to freedom,
and so is your love
like a breath of thy mouth;
making my restful sleep
so is your love
and your love I breathe,
it all makes sense, even death,
after this love lived
your love sets me free,
and free themselves say it.
And today I sing about love,
love crazy
I love you for you and the other,
love of a meeting
blessed love,
love rough
love life
or a minute ... bis
(See me, love me, you know that your love frees me, touch me,
feel me, see me, touch me, you know that your love makes me invincible
Love me, touch me, you know your love ... .. look at me, touch me ... ... ..)