Letra de Alfa ( en ingles )

Nach Scratch

Letra de Alfa ( en ingles ) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

ach is a man only for a name and a cause,
a pseudonym, a synonym, to make non-stop hip hop rhythm,
Nach entertains you and keeps you alert,
represents a hungry race facing whatever.
Nach deadly tide in the fight,
each line apelea you, your ugly idea pignea,
falters when the public chorea,
laurea me, your cornea can not believe it.
Nach only love, only hate,
or weigh you down or hits you,
your shit will remove if needed,
head high, the firm step.
I slip slippery and sickly
nothing can destroy,
heal the wounds of your life and there are no secrets,
because everyone talks dirty 10,000 thousand show respect.
So simple, take a pen to the philosopher,
and the power of a microphone after us free,
Nach, spear and shield, magic and spells,
I venture to give advice to scare away the dark side.
I go to verse if I´m tense, I am iners,
between thick smoke and I never tire of muttering what I think,
Nach without limits or similes, my pencils are equally authentic,
the cusps touch more difficult.
I know, so let me enchant, from Barna Tenerife
leave the stage while everyone says.


Nach is like waking from the coma,
I collapsed on the canvas if this pen from the mist appears,
papyrus ancestral language, scent of a mortal vampire
your first drink of abscenta if my style.
Nach, address problems, answer questions,
Chancellor is to win, get mad, going crazy,
to beautify, to shudder, to harden, to englandecer,
to mute, at last, after all, to give pleasure.
Nach´s strategy and tactics, music, optical,
mystic, epic, grammar, dramatic,
Soviet discipline creates magnetic lyrics,
acrobatic metric, thematic angry.
Nach, substantive vision, honor, honor,
I am a hip hop pioneer in flames as the Windsor,
splendor, this emerald dazzles you,
you away from the darkness of the jungle.
And his anger, resale, yet still at peace with myself,
not to jump into the abyss to sell to the highest bidder
so some avoid me, they are removed,
other at every appointment, my Lolita coat and scream desu.