Letra de Ahora miras el cielo ( en ingles )

Nach Scratch

Letra de Ahora miras el cielo ( en ingles ) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

now towards the sky is a bird a plane who
NS is that clicking action (x4)

who is the NS that me and although I though that
is the sound of my magic I think it´s funny
I do not see grace I see my rhymes and verses
hard as steel bent to the ground as a
pollen in the butt again I fucking ashtray
again as you see I am not dead it just is
words but I´m left dumbfounded Viali leaves
I sing I do not wear fancy clothes and the ignorant
the fakes being a mc is not being a singer is
I´m really much more than that I´m the mc of the penis
stiff with a very thick semen hear what I say
Duke and Jack want to kill me are
this never shouting rhyming fio always follow the
speaker I use it go into your house and. .. te ou
hypnotize arraso generations as Napoleon and his
legions is that at school do not learn your
NS lessons quien es ese quien es ese yo yo yo yo
I have become so well I come and be very careful
I come I come give me a micro break it
like a loaf of bread will give me a scenario the
patan Satan´s hell I´m no sucker
Although it can take bangs and go forever without a hard
I have in my pocket but my brothers are
over a thousand ficundamos our wit a disaster
linfierno go like that open the doors
leave them in lyrical sign between me see that by the
streets and say forever by Nach Scratch
always your television illusion who is never
NS entering the action

now towards the sky is a bird a plane who
NS is that clicking action (x4)

and my fire is as potent as that of the dragons
but instead of spit I spit fire lyrics
what I think is intense attacks is immense
planets, the stars cover the entire universe I
faced with the animals that eat these
[More Lyrics on es.mp3lyrics.org/AEgt]
skulls dominate the sewers and the worlds
underground and there are spiders and cockroaches
even the worms are returned to their nests when
I lift my hands up imposing my
powers erase shadows and kill hogs havoc
women and I do and I take the errors of the
cops running after me seem to asthma sufferers
and I take and do not get me and scream; take the
lyrical murderer but they weigh 100 kilos I am
the roadrunner and if I get tired I get my girls
back rubs me who wins Obilcandel
Rossy de Palma seems there is no calm if I sing
stand both as a priest holds reading books
of saints and if I anticipate all the suckers one
hand grasps the microphone picks up the balls other than
Creias endure days and days so the stage is the
rin for the police here I hope to have reached
until your heart who is entering the NS

now towards the sky is a bird a plane who
NS is that clicking action (x4)

´m lyrically abstract pact with the devil and
when I speak my words are accurate
echogram your brain or the impact event
hearts who stand not only act are the
rhymes that cast and the police again please
take off too much power concentrated in area
if one person ate with creation and
periglios now you feel like Alice in
of malice in my thoughts impede your
anatomy questions because your rhymes will not
come to beat me is because I am the curved
while you were sleeping .... he who strikes again
I lie on the floor the only true my
rhymes molan an egg is a take cover
that is the master of horror and be careful
I come I come I care question is
Alicante tip that is a pest that is a
scrum moves as you always leave their mark
these are not cheap rhymes are rhymes five
stars and if I see a fascist head the lame and
the boot and I do not hear a word about
Franco´m ready for the glory NS are here
your rhymes are now history as jump and poison
a scorpion a glass of cyanide or pollution
and end this song with my typical prayer who
is that going into action NS

now towards the sky is a bird a plane who
NS is that clicking action (x4)
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